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Our site features a Coordinate Converter utility for single coordinate conversions that will transform your single coordinate (x,y) from one coordinate system to another. Coordinate Transformations can be done using common coordinate systems from around the world as well as some historical coordinate systems that are no longer in use.

Coordinate Conversion UtilitiesFor advanced users wanting to convert multiple coordinates, you may use our Coordinate Converter Utility that allows for a CSV File (Comma Separated Value) to be uploaded with multiple records of coordinates for similar coordinate transformations. See the utility for exact usage and header values. Currently, no restrictions on number of records that you can upload for coordinate transformations.


Convert Decimal Degrees to Decimal Minutes or DMS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds)

convert decimal degrees to DMSWhile our Single and Multiple transformation programs both accept Geographical Coordinates, we have added a Coordinates, we have added a Decimal Degrees converter for your ease of use. Decimal Degrees is the standard that Google Maps or Google Earth will use, however Aviation devices prefer Decimal Minutes. Industries, such as in Oil & Gas, will often prefer to use Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS). Our app allows you to convert a single geographical reference such as Latitude or Longitude (or both) and convert that value to either Decimal Degrees, Decimal Minutes or Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS).

Find Latitude and Longitude

Find Latitude and LongitudeFor users trying to Find Latitute and Longitude, we have added a simple GoogleMap feature that will allow you to browse a map and pick Geographic Coordinates of interest off of the map. Find Latitude and Longitude values for around the world.




For users seeking Definitions or background information on Coordinate Systems, datums and projections you may wish to review our Resources Page.

Note: All transformations are based on the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library - GDAL Libraries.
Please see their Open Source License Agreement as well as our disclaimer

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